We manufacture, process and supply all that is required to start a lucrative profitable Chimney Cake bake shop business... at the best competitive prices.

If you’re thinking about opening a Chimney Cake Bake shop business then you arrived at the right spot.

Chimney Cakes, a 350 year old traditional Transylvanian pastry now rapidly becoming the fastest growing food rage in Europe. Chimney Cake Bake Shops are appearing all over Austria, Hungary, Slovenia, Czech Republic, England, China, Indonesia, MiddleEast and now the USA & Canada.

Chimney Cakes are fascinating to watch them cook, scintillating to taste and rapidly on its way to capture the North American palate -like never before!

Our History

Kurtos Kalacs pastry from the heart of Transylvania

In 2011, the founders Stella and Ivor, two Bulgarian tourists travelling in Hungary, discovered the 300 year old Kurtos Kalacs pastry in the heart of Transylvania, at the entrance of the mythical Dracula Castle. It was a love at first sight and bite! which led to the idea to make this pastry popular and available all over the world. Today thanks to hard work and no play they produce the best and highest quality chimney cake ovens, process the secret speciality mix (no GMOs) and make all the accessories and equipment required to build a chimney cake bake business.

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Our Mission

To introduce Chimney cakes to the North American palate.

We empower you to be in the Chimney Cake business by being a one stop shop for all your requirements-at the lowest prices anywhere! Solarika North America to be a one stop shop for everything one needs to begin a highly profitable Chimney cake bake shop business.

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Our Approach

One stop shop for all your Chimney Cake supplies

Our approach is to be able to help any would -be -Chimney Cake baker(s) to enter the Chimney Cake business both easily and cost effectively by our being one stop shop for all your Chimney Cake supplies. Our new Frozen Chimney Cake dough was created to eliminate all the heavy start up costs associated with having to build a dough preparation area or having to buy expensive mixers or bulk flours/mixes/oils etc. Frozen dough means profitability.

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We are interested in working with you. Let us know how we can help you get started!

The Chimney Cake Business - You'll love it!

All across Eastern Europe, Middle East and Asia, this 300 year old Transylvanian treat is causing a new culinary rage. Just Google Chimney Cake and see for yourself the type of Chimney Cake operations opening daily all across the world. It’s new to North America with only 103 operations but in the next 5 years there will be thousands thanks Solarika NA turnkey bake shop offering.

Making Chimney Cakes (Kurtos Kalacs) - It's all in the mix!

This video tutorial is about an alternative way of making Kurtos Kalacs / Chimney Cakes. Most of our customers find this method easier.

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