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Speciality Mix & Dough

It's all in the Mix! We created the Chimney Cake Easy Mix to ensure best taste quality and high dough elasticity every time you prepare Kurtos Kalacs. Easy to work dough prepared with Kurtos Kalacs mix. It improves the shelf live, volume and texture of the baked Chimney Cake. Our mix is easy to use,…
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Chimney Cake ‘S2 Oven

Chimney Cake (Kurtos Kalacs) 'S2 Oven 'S2 Machine is the smallest Chimney Cake Oven on the market. It's developed not only for home usage but for various demo/catering purposes. We built it with the same high-quality durable parts and materials which we used in our professional model 'S8. 'S2 Specifications 2 different models - 110V…
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Chimney Cake ‘S8 Oven

Chimney Cake (Kurtos Kalacs) 'S8 Oven We designed 'S8 machine specially for professional Chimney Cake baking. It's built from the highest quality parts and materials only. In every detail we incorporated the idea to make something... that always works. You can use 'S8 in High Productivity Mode with both heaters working or in Energy Saving…
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Welcome! We manufacture, process and supply all that is required to start a lucrative profitable Chimney Cake bake shop business... at the best competitive prices. Chimney Cake OvensWe supply high quality Chimney Cake ovens and grills which are designed and manufactured to bake Chimney Cakes to perfection.Speciality Mix & DoughChimney Cake Easy Mix to ensure…
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