Our Goal

Our goal is to introduce Chimney cakes, a 350 year old Transylvanian wedding pastry to the North American palate. We want to be a one stop shop for all your Chimney Cake requirements.

A pastry so sumptuous, mouthwatering and satisfying that it’s easy to understand why they are now the new rage all over Europe, Australia, Middle east, Saudi Arabia, Asia, and Canada. “Google it, see for yourself”.

Solarika North America’s Frozen Chimney Cake dough balls means we are now a one stop shop for everything one requires to be in the highly profitable Chimney Cake bake shop business, at the best possible prices.

We also provide set by step videos with each oven/accessory order.

Our new Frozen Chimney Cake dough processing facility located in Montreal is set up to ship 180 gram frozen Chimney Cake balls all across North America. Thus eliminating the single highest cost of setting up a Chimney Cake bake shop business - the dough preparation.

With the advent of our new frozen Chimney Cake dough we are now able to escalate the growth of the Chimney Cake business throughout North America. Customer throughout Canada, USA and Mexico will be able to place for on-going shipments of frozen dough balls, ovens and accessories all online.

Solarika Recipe for Success

We empower you to be in the Chimney Cake business for yourself or by join forces with us by becoming a Chimney Cake Charlie Bakery Shoppe operator.

Solarika North America is a one stop shop for all your Chimney Cake bake shop requirements and at the lowest prices anywhere!

We teach you to how to bake both Sweet and Savory Chimney Cakes. Sweet Chimney Cakes are mouthwatering delicious and can be eaten at any time but baking and making scintillating savory Chimney Cakes is business from early morning to late evening.

The real recipe for success is the new Frozen Chimney Cake Dough balls program whereby we reduced all the expensive upstart preparation costs. We simply ship you ready made frozen Chimney Cake dough balls that you place in your freezer, so all you have to do is defrost the balls and focus on the “show business” of baking Chimney Cakes.

Our ovens are manufactured in Bulgaria by hand using precision tooling with the highest quality metals and electrical components and according to North American standards, affordably priced with warranty. In fact the ovens operate much like toaster ovens so in most cases you do not require hoods.