Our Approach

Easy Start-up. Unlimited Possibilities

Our approach is to be able to cost effectively and easily help facilitate any would-be Chimney Cake baker(s) to enter into the Chimney Cake bakery business. You can always count on our being a one stop shop for all your Chimney Cake Ovens, Specialty Mix, and Accessories & Supplies.

Our new Frozen Chimney Cake dough balls was developed to eliminate all the heavy start -up costs associated with having to build a dough preparation area or having to buy expensive mixers or bulk flours/mixes/oils etc. Frozen dough means profitability from the get go.

Frozen Chimney Cake dough means we can now cost effectively set up anyone into the highly profitable Chimney Cake business. We can be of great service to small “Ma & Pa” Chimney Cake bake shops, large Chimney Cake bake shop franchises? Food Truck operation? or adding a Chimney Cake bakery "pop-up" to an existing coffee / ice cream/ sandwich shop? We not only have all what it requires, but we even train you to become an accomplish Chimney Cake baker.