Training / Certification

Chimney Cake baking is both an art and technique

We ensure that each of our customers becomes a proficient Chimney Cake baker by providing them with step-by-step videos.

Become a Chimney Cake Charlie Franchisee and we provide you hands-on, face to face instruction with our master Chimney Cake baker at either our Florida or Montreal facility. Once you complete the baking course and as a student have sufficiently accomplished baking an assortment of Sweet and Savory Chimney Cakes, you will be presented with the Solarika Official Chimney Cake Baker certificate.

To become a successful Chimney Cake baker (kürtos kalács baker), you will need more than just our quality equipment and good-recipe mix. you will also need the skills, knowledge tips and tricks which comes with constant practice. Practice makes perfect and consistent great results.

It is all about customer satisfaction. That’s why we take care not only of our products’ quality but also of our customers’ baking and business education.

Watch the Kurtos Training Videos

Speak to us about our new Chimney Cake Charlie Bake Shoppe operation.

It's more like a brother/sister ship than a franchise. Here we work hand in hand with you covering every aspect of the Chimney cake business. With hands on train you to become a proficient Chimney Cake Baker and when you complete the course we welcome you into the brother/sister ship with your graduation certification. You can train at either our Montreal, Canada or Fort Lauderdale facility. There is a lot more to it including bulk purchasing savings, so contact us if you have an interest.