Unique Ways to Make Chimney Cakes

Captivate customers with the way you make Chimney Cakes. Make them come back for the unlimited tasty varieties.

The baking of Chimney Cakes is absolutely fascinating to watch and scintillating to your ‘ole factory’ scent. It’s been this way for over 300 years. Baking Chimney Cakes is show business. You watch the dough rolled out, cut into strips and then rolled to the consistency of a rope. The dough rope is then wrapped around a wooden spindle or mold. The spindle is then rolled on the table to bring the dough seams together. Then it is coated with oil and heavily sprinkled with sugar and placed in the electric Chimney Cake oven (operate much like a rotisserie) to bake and caramelise . As they become shiny over the golden crust, they are removed and then coated again with anyone of a number of coatings such as Sugar& Cinnamon, Hazelnuts, Vanilla & Coconut flakes. The strange name derives from the Hungarian word kürto that refers to chimney, because of its shape and the smoke that comes billowing out of it when it is removed from the spindle.

Various Spindle Shapes= various recipes= profit

There are numerous shapes of spindles which results in various shaped Chimney Cakes.

Cylindrical - the very first Chimney Cakes were this shape. These come with sprinkled coating and are eaten as a sweet bread with coffee

Cone shape - the wave of the future. Chimney bakers around the world are rapidly heading in this direction. The shape lends itself in two directions. A pastry line and a Savoury line. Our customers who use this shape as a pastry line,  fill the coated Chimney Cakes with luscious fruits, yogurts, ice cream and topped off with whip cream, chocolate and sprinkles. Some prefer chocolate coating with Nutella lining and stuffed with  banana and ice cream etc. There is no end to ones creative menu imagination.

Savoury -  is  the new rage all across Europe, Asia, Australia and certain to capture North America. Instead of sweet coatings once the chimney cake dough is on the spindle we coat it with olive oil and herbs and then we roll it in cheese, garlic, olives, seeds and then it is baked to perfection while everyone within proximity is drooling. Then you fill it with meatballs, or salad, scrambled eggs with ham, goulash etc.

We offer a full range of shapes in our catalog.

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