Chimney Cake Charlie

Delicious & Exciting Turn Key Profit Center

We will be opening the first North American Chimney Cake Charlie Bake Shoppe location in Coconut Creek Florida Sept 2018, then Montreal Quebec Canada.

To introduce Chimney Cakes to the North America palate, we will be opening our own corporate stores at high traffic City Centres, attractions, malls, outdoor plazas, and airports.

Chimney Cake Charlie Bake Shoppes will be uniform in look from napkins to cups, packaging, decor and supplies. Uniformity and taste consistency is our mantra.

While we exist to service one and all with everything you require to open up a Chimney Cake Bake shop business, we also encourage people to join in on the Chimney Cake Charlie Bake Shoppe franchise business.

As one of our Chimney Cake Charlie Bake Shoppe operators we become your hands -on suppliers as we work with you day in and out. We physically teach you how to bake and experiment with Chimney Cakes at anyone of our facilities. We also supply you with everything you need to be in the business at the best possible prices. Our idea of franchising is not to gouge you for every penny but to ensure and assure you are a profitable Enterprise whose look and product taste is always consistent.

Chimney Cake Charlie Bake Shoppes will all feature Sweet & Savoury Chimney Cakes to cater to the Breakfast, Lunch, Supper and late night snack crowds.

The goal is to be a destination location for content = value

Towards flavor we sourced the very best and freshest ingredient suppliers for coffee, fruits, filings, custards, cheeses, meats. Each fruit comes portion packed and in pails for easy in-store controls and usage.

Consistency is the recipe for success.

All of our Custards are the highest quality ingredients available. Take our award winning simply delicious Key Lime custard-the one that made the pie famous, our mouthwatering creamy Boston Cream or our to-die-for Coconut Cream custards.

In short because we supply everything one needs to get into the Chimney Cake business and we took it one step further with Chimney Cake Charlie bake Shoppes franchises whereby we join forces with you by supplying a full ‘turnkey’ new walk in business ……ready to profit from day one.

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Charles Luffer