Chimney Cake Kiosks

Low Cost. Up and running in less than an hour!

Be it a “pop-up” retail unit, a full scale free standing bake shop, a mobile truck operation, we have you covered at the best possible prices. We are the source of supply for everything you need. If it is your intention to start your own franchise business or to join in on ours we got you covered every which way you wish to go.

“Chimney Cake Charlie Bake Shoppes” franchises, a collective combination of all our years of experience packaged up, well branded and equipped with all that is necessary. In short a ‘turnkey’ set up.

Solarika NA vested interest is to assure the growth of the Chimney Cake Bakery business throughout North America. We will be selling to groups who they themselves wish to begin their own Franchise Standardisation Chimney cake operations. They may even be competition to “Chimney Cake Charlie Bake Shoppes” but its fine with us as we welcome the presence and industry growth.

Regardless which way you wish to proceed may we suggest you give us a call as we are here to help you succeed.