Speciality Mix & Dough



It's all in the Mix!

We created the Chimney Cake Easy Mix to ensure best taste quality and high dough elasticity every time you prepare Kurtos Kalacs.

Easy to work dough prepared with Kurtos Kalacs mix.

It improves the shelf live, volume and texture of the baked Chimney Cake. Our mix is easy to use, easy to store and easy to deliver.

Delicious pastry named Kurtos Kalacs.

Kurtos Kalacs Classic Recipe
White Wheat Flour - 1.000 kg
Classic Mix - 0.200 kg
Instant Dry Yeast - 0.014 kg
Water - 0.500 kg
Sunflower Oil - 0.120 kg

The Classic Mix
a.k.a. Easy Mix is based on the original Kurtos Kalacs recipe. It is prepared with natural ingredients only, without any preservatives. This mix is usable for sweet and salty Chimney Cakes.

Kurtos Kalacs Easy Mix is packed in special multi-layer paper bags - 15 kg each.

The ingredients are exactly dosed and perfectly mixed to obtain a homogeneous mix, packed in special multi-layer 15 kg bags.

1 bag (15 kg) Classic Mix will produce more than 750 pcs Kurtos dough balls (180 g each)

The mix should be kept in a dry and cool place
(Temp = 25ÂșC, RH = 65%). Shelf life: 9 months.