Chimney Cake Dough Balls



Our new Chimney Cake Dough Balls
180 grams

In the early 2012 Frozen Chimney Cake dough was created in Gabrovo, Bulgaria. A production line for frozen Kurtos dough balls was created. Invested in the latest equipment for dough-kneading, dough-shaping and shock-freezing. The final result is a high-quality consistent product

The wave of the future. Imagine with the advent of our Frozen Chimney Cake dough we have removed the single most expensive items out of the store opening equation.

No need for:

  • commercial mixers-can run upwards of $7500
  • order Pallets of Chimney Cake Mix
  • order pallets of 25 lb. flour sacks/bags
  • inventory oils, yeast(s), etc.
  • storage requirements
  • labour to prepare the dough
  • no mess!

With frozen Chimney Cake dough you order our minimum quantities, place them into your freezer and then just defrost the inventory you require for the next day. Its just that simple. All you have to do is focus on the ‘show business’ of making and baking of Chimney Cakes

ATTENTION: Do not try to freeze a dough in standard non-shock freezer! This will decrease the dough-quality and you will never be able to see the advantages of the real frozen dough.